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Meet Burrus and Wyffel

Meet Burrus and Wyffel
What happens when you name your lambs for seed companies and hit the show circuit? A hint: the competition is fierce.

I hardly know where to begin so I'll take you back to the moment that caused me to laugh out loud – like, bust a gut laughing – earlier this summer.

Meet Burrus and Wyffel.

They are show lambs and they belong to my nephew, Kyle. He named them for seed companies.

I really very much love it.

Kyle's family has a long history of creatively naming their show animals. One year, they all started with A's. One year they were named for herbs. This year? Seed companies.

As his mom tells it, they were driving one day and Kyle saw a Burrus seed corn sign. He thought it was a fun name to say. Much discussion of the various seed companies followed and with apologies to Becks, Dekalb, Pioneer and many more, he settled on Burrus and Wyffel.

I'd like to think somewhere, Tom and Todd and Bob and Bill are really appreciating this bit of unauthorized naming rights.

Burrus and Wyffel have been to a half dozen shows already and I gotta be honest, they haven't exactly taken the show ring by storm. But they have wonderful dispositions. And that means a lot when you're 10, right?

And together, they seem to do even better; last week, they took a blue ribbon in the pairs class and went on to be Reserve Champion Pair of Wethers. Maybe there's a lesson there! Or maybe not. Regardless, they're just nice lambs. Kyle won Champion Junior Showmanship at last week's show, and attributed his win to Burrus having cooperated so well.

With just the county fair and Illinois State Fair yet to go, the show season is about to hit its climax. We'll head to the county fair in a couple weeks (my family's first time as exhibitors…let the cousin fun begin) and Kyle's family will go on to the state fair next month.

I'll keep you posted on how they do, but at this point it looks like only Wyffel will be making the state fair.

Sorry, Burrus.

It's tough being a show lamb.

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