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Beefs and Beliefs

Livestock Pricing Argument is About Power

More GIPSA oversight just typical of the political times.

This entire argument about the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration and stepping up administration of those regulations seems to me a sign of the political times.

I believe it's accurate to say we are witnessing and subject to an unprecedented diminishing of our freedoms, privacy and pursuit of individual and social happiness because of ever-burgeoning government and the power those in office seek. The GIPSA argument is but a tiny part of this socialistic movement.

Our nation has weathered many ills, including the battle over slavery which nearly split us into two perpetual enemy states, the abuses of the robber-barons of the industrial revolution and of the dot-com age. But the ignorance of letting a limited few who seek power purely for the sake of personal aggrandizement is frightening.

For 15-20 years now I have said the Republicans are the party of corporate welfare, the Democrats are the party of social welfare, neither party represents anything but money and the pandering of votes for the sake of power alone, and that one of the largest problems with those elected to government these days (most of whom at this point are nothing but career politicians) is they think government offers the solutions to all problems and since they have the answers that they should be in control.

In truth, we are now witnessing class warfare between those who think they are smarter and more capable of ruling and all the rest of us who do not believe that way. It threatens our businesses as beef producers. It threatens the very nature of our democracy.

A new article in The American Spectator magazine, written by Angelo M. Codevilla, professor emeritus of international relations at Boston University and author of the book "Character of Nations," explores this class warfare.

Codevilla furthers my observations about the politicos and adds some profound historical and social precedents, several of which I can't say I'd read much about prior. One of these is the concept of class warfare between the "ruling class" and the "country class," as he calls this disparate division.

I highly recommend reading this article from top to bottom. For me it has clarified and defined this struggle more clearly than I'd been able to previously. Read it HERE.

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