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Kickoff: 30 Days on a Prairie Farm

Kickoff: 30 Days on a Prairie Farm

Everything you ever wanted to know about farms, farming and agriculture, designed to share with your non-farm friends. For 30 days!

Tomorrow is the day! November 1 is the official start of my 30 Days series. And this year's topic here at My Generation: 30 Days on a Prairie Farm. Everything you ever wanted to know about why we do what we do on the farm, designed for you, the agriculturalist, to share with your non-ag friends.

Look for plenty of numbers and sourced facts, told in the story of a Midwestern farm life. You'll see lots of the Spangler farm, and a few others as well. And my kids are already clamoring to get their fair blog time, so we'll see how that all works out.

So if you've ever thought to yourself, "I'd like to advocate for ag but I don't know what to say," or, "I wish I could tell my crazy cousin what we really do," this is your chance! I'm really looking forward to the next 30 days, and I hope you'll share these blogs with your friends who just want to know more about what we do.

Best of all, we have blogging friends this year! If you'd like to join in, blog about your chosen agricultural topic today and email me the link. I'll include everyone's links tomorrow, and we'll be blogging together!


The archives: 30 Days on a Prairie Farm

Kickoff: 30 Days on a Prairie Farm

Day 1: Working Kids

Day 2: Biotechnology

Day 3: Harvest Eats

Day 4: Church

Day 5: Biotechnology, Again

Day 6: Long Haul

Day 7: Hormones

Day 8: Weather

Day 9: Milk

Day 10: County Fairs

Day 11: Harvest

Day 12: Technology

Day 13: Show Ring

Day 14: Leave the Farm

Day 15: Dialogue

Day 16: Store Grain

Day 17: Love

Day 18: Kid Love             

Day 19: Straight Rows

Day 20: Antibiotics

Day 21: Bottle Calves

Day 22: Relationship

Day 23: Big Fun

Day 24: Dogs

Day 25: Family

Day 26: Cattle

Day 27: Sustainability

Day 28: Chemicals

Day 29: Organic

Day 30: Future

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