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Animal Health Notebook

Human nutrition needs a revisit

Human nutrition needs a revisit
Doc Cooke looks away from cattle and toward the human diet and isn't happy with what he sees.

Editor's Note: Sometimes Doc Cooke takes a look at the human side of the health equation and often doesn't like what he sees, but his advice aims to help you live longer.

Burke Teichert writes a column for BEEF magazine that I enjoy each month. His message is built around strategic planning, management decisions, and sustainability. All of us have made mistakes in our planning or have failed to plan altogether. There are many examples of how poor choices and a little poison can kill.

America is killing herself with eating habits that are horrendous. It is time for us to view the food we produce and eat on a daily basis to be our most important drug, because it is just that.

The human diet needs more analysis with less concern about fat, and more beef on the menu. (Photo: Jose R. Aguirre/Getty Images)

In the world there are 12 thousand people dying from starvation daily. Another 30% of the world’s population goes to bed hungry every night. In the U.S. there seems to be an equal percentage of folks committing knife, fork, finger, spoon, and cup suicide daily. The number of grossly fat children, young and old people is epidemic. Chronic diseases are totally out of control. The health industry cost in the U.S. alone is over 2 trillion dollars annually and growing like an Osage wild fire headed for the Kansas line.

The mess we have created is not sustainable, I promise.

Stating the problem

Basic bad science, bad husbandry, and bad nutrition practices implemented by ourselves, our government, and our medical associations over the past 80 years have led us down a path to destruction. 400 pounders have become so common that we think it’s normal. Middle age spread often starts at four years of age. Readers, this is not normal and nor is it healthy or right.

Eating habits and lack of work is the problem.

Our bodies require a lot of quality fat and protein and a little vegetables and fruit along with vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals to survive puberty, reproduction, and older life. America has become fattened and sickly in less than three generations by excess sugar and processed seeds along with inflammatory fat and poor quality and quantity protein.

Insulin control and stabilization is a major key to a long life away from inflammation and chronic disease. Without proper nutritional balance insulin excess will lead to roadblocks in your career. Nutritional eating with emphasis away from processed carbohydrate dense seeds, (i.e. pasta, bread, crackers, carbonated & sports drinks, etc.) will stabilize insulin. Unstable insulin puts aging into overdrive.

Tackle the solution

Several ounces of quality beef should be consumed at every meal. Hard white fat should be minimal. Invisible (watery) fat should be maximized. It is like antifreeze to your body. Vegetables need to be raw or near raw, fibrous and mostly grown locally in well mineralized soil. Eat whole fruit and stay away from juice. Remember my “mouth test”. Place a bite in your mouth for 30 seconds. If it tastes sweet or begins to taste sweet you need less than three bites.

Fat facts

Fat does not make you fat…Fat is insulin neutral. Fat is misunderstood. Fat is the driver of 100% of properly functioning hormone systems, brain and central nervous systems, and proper function of your local cellular hormones (eicosanoids). Hormones are your body’s chief messengers. When they are not operating correctly you are headed south.

Approximately 35 % of daily calories need to come from fat and 35% of this needs to be Omega-3 (anti-inflammatory) fat. Grass beef and fish are your best sources. I recommend supplementing 2 to 6 grams of high quality fish oil daily. Replace seed based cooking oils with beef tallow, lard, and extra virgin olive oil.

Remember, “Fat does not make you fat” but does keep your mind, hormone systems, and joints oiled.

A low fat diet is a prescription for a blow up and/or a meltdown or both.

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