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Fodder for Thought

Here's Another Chance To Learn Bud Williams Stockmanship

Family of Bud Williams still teaching Bud's stockmanship and marketing principles.


Ever since discovering low-stress stockmanship a little over five years ago I have been a major proponent of its value to the beef industry.

In addition, I saw similar value when I was exposed to the concept of sell-buy marketing for the first time through a Nebraska rancher friend of mine.

Bud Williams was the major driver behind developing the principles for each of these valuable livestock management skills. He passed in November of 2013 but his legacy and teachings, and other great stockmen of the past, live on in many of the stockmanship teachers in the industry today.

Recently my friend, Kent Reeves of Cowboy Conservation, turned me on to a exciting educational opportunity I thought worth sharing. Reeves is hosting a "Bud Williams" marketing and stockmanship event at the Historic Paicines Ranch 10 miles south of Hollister, Calif., June 2-6.

Richard McConnel and his wife, Tina Williams, daughter of the late Bud Williams, will teach the Bud Williams concept of livestock marketing known as "sell-buy" in a two-day course June 2-3. Following the marketing course is a three-day stockmanship school, which includes one day of pen work.

Williams and McConnell say they will discuss the necessary factors to better understand this leading-edge  financial management system of sell-buy marketing. Here are the topics they will cover:

  • Knowing and understanding yourself as the seller and buyer
  • Differences between sell-buy and buy-sell marketing styles
  • The most important price to consider in livestock marketing
  • What classes of livestock to sell and buy
  • How to make a profit and stay in business

The three-day stockmanship course will lay the foundation for the principles of humane, low-stress livestock handling skills. Students there will get both classroom and hands-on field work,  say Williams and McConnell. The couple say they focus on communicating with livestock, herd training and management, sorting, loading, receiving and weaning.

They also plan to cover the benefits of stockmanship, including economics and biodiversity, and why for proper livestock handling the animals are never wrong.

If you would like to learn more about these events go to Cowboy Conservation's workshops page. You can learn more about McConnell's and Williams's stockmanship work with Hand 'n Hand Livestock Solutions on their website.

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