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Happy birthday: 100 years and counting!

Happy birthday: 100 years and counting!

After 100 years, the barn that is in great condition and still in use, stands proud and tall.

I'm sure you've heard the expression, "If these walls could talkā€¦.." I've often wondered that about many things, but lately it would be about the old barn that's on the family farm.

It has been 100 years ago (and now going on 6 plus days) that the barn on my parent's farm was built. Over the years I've been acquiring old photos of the farm making copies for each family to have and pass on to the next generation.

Happy birthday: 100 years and counting! This photo was taken in 1914 shortly after the barn was built.

Most recent, I came across old photos of the barn the year it was built: 1914. On the south side of the barn, which faces the road for all to see, was a thoroughbred horse painted in white with a sign hanging below that read "White Face Stock Farm" On either side of the horse was written, 'LL 1914"

If you look at the photo closely, you can see the family dog walking toward a team of horses that are leaving the south door. A wagon is seen, along with the old chicken coop in the background. 100 years later, all that is left is the barn.

I was up in the hayloft not too long ago looking for old windows for a Christmas gift. (I took a picture of a sunset from the farm and placed it behind the old barn window that now hangs in the family dining room in the house). As I was up in the hayloft, not much has changed. The rope and pulley that was used on a team of horses to open the top door and bring in hay still hangs in the rafters. The stalls that you can drop hay down to feed the livestock are still there, now covered with straw bales. It is as if time was frozen up there.

The barn is still used today. Hay is stored in the loft, and cattle occupy the pens and stalls inside.

Happy birthday to this old beauty. 100 years later and it stands prouder and better than ever.
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