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Beefs and Beliefs

Hallelujah! We Have No Government.

The crux of truth in the federal shut-down is hidden in the phrase "non-essential employees."


Over a long weekend I went with friends to Las Vegas to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and while I was gone the government shut down.


If only we could keep things this way.

The irony of the situation is the crazies who run Washington, D.C., and the lap-dog media who do their bidding are telling us only "essential" employees remain on the job.

That means only those on the job right now could be justified in the real world outside D.C.

That means all others should be fired immediately.

Think about it...

Two of my friends have made great observations about this the last couple days. I'll share their thoughts with you without posting their names. If you don't like their comments, blame me. If you do, write in and I'll forward your comments to them.

On the first morning without an operating federal government one friend who drives a truck for a living wrote on his Facebook page:

"Well, the government has 'shut down'. The sun still came up, the grocery store is unloading its truck, so we will have food to eat. My lights are still on and I still have a job. Not sure how we will survive."

This morning, my friend with whom I celebrated the silver wedding anniversary shared these thoughts:

"How did our goverment get so far out of control that they can openly admit to having THOUSANDS of Non-Essential employees?

"In my office, if we can do without you (meaning you are not Essential to the operation) then we do. Not temporarily. You are not sent home for a couple of days while I arrange for bigger loans. You are furloughed, forever.

"Dual citizenship or moving to Belize, maybe South Africa, is looking better and better every day. God Bless America, wherever she may be. The country I grew to love did not socialize anything. Not medical records, not the Docs & hospitals, not gun usage, not education, not student loans ... the list is growing.

"Good people are dropping out of the fight and looking for an exit. I think often of Ayn Rand. I fear that I am not far behind (those exiting), because I think that Atlas has Shrugged."

If you don't get this, don't understand, you need to restart your education. Begin by reading Freidrich Hayek's "Road to Serfdom." Read the Constitution. Read the Federalist Papers, authored by the most brilliant of those who founded this government, an institution unique in the history of the world.

I have heard it said, and find it to be historically true, that never in the course of human events did a group of people seize power and then set up a government to take that power away from themselves. Further, they set up a government to be small in generally incapable, thereby leaving the power in the hands of the people.

The vast majority of our problems today have arisen because we turned our back on those constitutional limits which these brilliant men set up. We let government become the evil they warned us it would be if we let it grow large.

Nearly everything they tell us we need them for is simply not something we need them for. They create problems after they steal tax dollars from us and then they claim they can solve those problems with more tax dollars.

And yet I think it is not too late, despite how large our problems loom. We can still seize that sovereignty which hangs in the air before us.

We must talk about these problems out loud, daily and we must teach these things to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Their future is at stake.

I still believe we could turn the ship around and then hand them the rudder. Rough seas will be ahead for them but if we repaired the ol' gal, I think she could still weather the storm and sail on to calmer seas.


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