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The Friday Five: Scientific Edition

The Friday Five: Scientific Edition
Citrus greening, talking cows, organic pesticides and the Food Babe on campus: here are five links to catch you up on the week in food and ag.

Can Genetic Engineering Save the Florida Orange? This National Geographic piece says it all in its deck: "Genetically modified oranges might save Florida's blighted groves – if Americans will drink the juice. If you haven't heard of citrus greening, this piece is a great place to start.

S505 Rant: I'm sticking this smack in the middle of a lot of serious stuff because this video made our week. My kids have had it on repeat, and I'm pretty sure the phrase, "jackin' around with my calf" is going to come up a lot during this calving season. 

The Race is on to Find Organic Pesticides: This Wall Street Journal piece takes a look at the search for microscopic beneficial organisms that could help replace man-made chemicals with bio-based products. Worth the read.

Fear Mongering is a Poor Marketing Tactic: My friend and fellow farm writer, Jennifer Campbell, shared this piece on our sister publication's web site, and it's a solid look at the stuff/garbage that gets shared on social media and how people respond to it.

Food Babe Visits My University: I've written before about Kevin Folta's sharp, accurate and scientific responses to people like Dr. Oz and the Food Babe, and this week he found himself attending a Food Babe presentation paid for by his own university. Folta is a widely-respected plant physiologist at the University of Florida. Vani Hari is a woman who's dubbed herself the Food Babe and often glosses over science and facts in order to "take down" food companies and elevate her own position. As you can imagine, his post on her visit is worth the read, too. 

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