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Five Things I Didn't Know When I Married a Farmer

Five Things I Didn't Know When I Married a Farmer
Day 8 of 30: Talking in our sleep, rolling with it and working. Together. A lot. Here, a life together on the farm and oh, but what I didn't know.

1. That I might awake in the night to John asking if I could handle the sprayer. And then panic because NO. And then he would fall back asleep and I would lie there wide awake, still panicked, but relieved he was talking in his sleep.

Image design by Erin Ehnle, Keeping It Real: Through the Lens of a Farm Girl. She is talented and wonderful!

2. That it would become so easy to learn to roll with it. Maybe because I saw it play out time and again throughout my youth: Dad opened the back door and said, "Hey, Suz, you busy?" And just like that, my mother's morning disappeared. Or maybe her whole day. So when we're driving home from church, say last Sunday, and John's dad decides they ought to combine that afternoon and our whole day's plans fall apart, we just re-group and re-plan and make the best of it. And know harvest will, someday, end. And then calving will start.

3. How my heart would melt when I watch our baby girls and baby boy climb into the tractor with him. My word. Love.

4. That our lives would be so completely intertwined with the farm. Which, ok, I sort of knew that. But to look back at the end of the day and realize how much of our conversation revolved around the farm, the corn, the combining, the cattle, the weather, the markets, the magazine…that's a reflection of a life that's entirely engrossed in agriculture. It's my job, too, and my passion. And it's our investment: the proverbial basket in which we've placed all our eggs. Agriculture is our life. Kinda like the bumper sticker. Except a little more profound.

5. That I would ever love working with someone so much, day in and day out. I've written before about the day I introduced John to my parents. Dad told me, "You need to be able to work together." I thought that was a completely odd thing to say – this is all about love, Dad! Turns out, Dad knew what he was talking about. Working together joins you in a common mission, a purpose and a love.

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