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Five Things Farmers Said

Five Things Farmers Said
Day 20 of 30 Days: Farmers say the darnedest things, and sometimes they change your entire way of thinking. There may even be a bonus #6 today!

One of the greater perks of being a farmer and of interviewing farmers for your job is that they will often say something that changes the way you think. Maybe about farming, or cattle, or family, or life. Here are five that come to mind, mentioned in the course of interviews or just plain-old good conversations.

1. David Erickson, on buying farmland: "There's never been a time in my farming career when we bought land and thought we could afford it. But we've always been glad we did."

2. John Smiley, on the perils of living a life wrapped up in his career: "Am I a farmer who happens to be a Christian, or am I a Christian farmer?"

Image design by Erin Ehnle, Keeping It Real: Through the Lens of a Farm Girl. She says some pretty great things, too.

3. Terry Wolf, on his wife Jan, summarizing everything a farm marriage should be during his Master Farmer acceptance speech: "She is truly my other half and my partner. Between us, we make a whole person."

4. Russ Rosenboom, on taking his entire family to Disney: "You can leave them a million dollars or you can leave them a million dollars' worth of memories."

5. Jim Purlee, on growing corn: "You can't accept lesser yield." And on crop rotations (and management in general): "I wear a pencil and a piece of paper out doing that comparison."

And a bonus #6 today! Because it wasn't necessarily life changing but it makes me laugh out loud, still.

6. Ray Defenbaugh, wrapping up a telephone conversation: "I'd better go; I'm a one-armed man, talking on a cell phone and driving a semi!"

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