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A Farmer's Wish List for 2014

It never hurts to dream about the future, right?

What would you like to happen around your farm and in your community during the New Year?

Here are a few ideas. Even though I mainly raise sheep, I've thrown in a few ideas of my own too.

The caution word for this list probably should be to be careful what you wish for. If some of these things really happened, things might not turn out as rosy as you might think. And it's quite possible that maybe one or two of these things will happen.

One. The fertilizer dealer calls you up and says you're such a good customer that he's going to give you 25% off on all your chemicals that you buy in the new year. While you're thinking there must be a catch, he assures you that this isn't like regular retailing, and there isn't a Wal-Mart down the road somewhere willing to price match the great deal he's offering you.

Two. Your mother-in-law tells your wife she's going to sell her home and split the proceeds between your wife and her sister. Great, an early inheritance is on the way. Oh, by the way, she's also asked your wife if she can move in with you guys and live the rest of her life there.

Three. Your local equipment dealer says you're such a good customer he just begs you to rent one of the biggest two-wheel drive tractors he has, loaded with all the bells and whistles, rent-free for the whole season this spring. He promises there are no strings, although you notice several flyers from the brand's own credit agency lying on his desk, next to a flyer about a contest for salesmen who sell the most equipment in the next year.

Four. Your son tells you he finally found a job after eight months of living with you after college and he's moving out! Great! Then the same day your daughter says she needs a semester off from college to find herself, and she's moving home to live with you again. Just when you thought empty nesting would be pretty neat.

Five. Every sow has 18 pigs and every ewe has three lambs. You're so happy, until you realize there is a reason most sows only have 12 nipples and all ewes have only two teats. You're going to have some hungry babies in your garage if you're lucky, and in the house if you've got some kids with soft spots for animals. 

Six. A person from Indiana Prairie Farmer calls and says you just won the 2014 adult essay contest, and that you will be getting 500 gallons of free diesel fuel from CountryMark. Once you decide it's not a junk call, you're pretty happy.

If you gave odds to all these, number six is by far your best bet to come true. There will be another essay contest, one for youth and one for adults, coming soon. Watch for details. Get your thoughts together and be ready to go after a dream you can achieve. Just think "live the dream:" as you pound out your thoughts on your keyboard.

In the meantime, Happy New Year!

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