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Tech Tuesday

Farm Tech Dare? Perhaps

Dialogue with farm readers helps us both - you learn more and we get better at giving you information you need.

Tech Tuesday is about technology. We have a couple of other worthy folks blogging on this site about key tech and other trends - Mr. McGuire at Ten Minute Tech and Ms. Winsor with Telling Your Story. But you have a role too.

Information dissemination is no longer a one-way - we write/you read - business. Today, the reader can influence the writer's course of information simply be being part of a growing community of commenters. I realize that a lot of you probably send me an email or pull me aside at a meeting and I really appreciate that; but you can help us every day simply by commenting on the site using the tools below.

Yes, this is a bald-faced request for you to comment. However, my hope is that we'll both get something from it and I will respond to comments over time.

Tech trends I'm following include the move by tech companies to make it easier to use your data in new ways. There's also the sub-trend of your data being aggregated by companies to do "data dives" to look for trends in product performance and other issues that could help your farm in the future. Privacy issues should be resolved here but there is the potential for farmers to get some benefit from this work.

The rise of the electric-motor planter unit - at least three companies are working in this area - Kinze, Horsch and Precision Planting - all with their own approaches. But the simpler design, the reduced moving parts and the greater singulation precision potential can't be ignored.

Next year all the big tractors have to have Tier 4 final engines (or whatever your favorite manufacturer calls it). The course is clear for all the players, but we'll see how that shapes new products for the next model year.

All of us - companies and media - are working on new ways to work with your smart phone, including a range of "apps" you can use. We're playing here too and if you haven't checked them out you might want to. Expect more opportunities here for the future as well.

These are just a few items we're watching (besides the drought of course) - but what's on your mind. You can drop a comment below and perhaps others will chime in. Only takes a minute and you can help me - and the rest of our editors - do a better job for you. How about it?

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