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Easiest Indiana Counties to Get Lost In—GPS or not!

Here's Tom's Top Ten list for 'tough to navigate' counties.

Even in this day of cell phones and GPS, I can get lost. And with the cell phone, I usually get un-lost, but sometimes I'm so lost that I make whoever I'm calling jump through hoops just to figure out where I am.

Another day of wrong turns, sketchy directions and dumb moves precipitated this column. If you get sent on an errand to the next county to get parts, or if you're doing it yourself, make sure they give you accurate directions and road marks. Of course, it doesn't help when the county doesn't keep road names and number posted.

Take that GPS along, although folks in Knox County swear it isn't more accurate than three or four miles in places. We'll get back to Knox County—they're probably right.

Always take the name of who are going to see, and their phone number. I usually get to the stage of writing it down on a scrap of paper, then forgetting to put it in my notebook. So more often than not, I don't have the number with me.

I've been in every Indiana County, many multiple times. Don't be offended if you're on the list—just send me a map of your county!

#10- Crawford- There's too many hills and too many winding roads. I was lost there at least once. Fortunately, I didn't have to backtrack too far.

#9 –Marion- Even outside of Indianapolis, too many roads run on an angle. I only live one county away, yet I couldn't drive to Camby if you paid me. It's a small spot in the road on the southeast side of Indianapolis…somewhere!

#8- Posey- Twists and turns and hills don't mix. I've not been lost there, just almost hit by a car coming over a hill when I pulled out of a farmer's field. Let's just say it was close enough that I remember it more than 20 years later.

#7- Brown County- It has to be on everybody's top 10, what with roads that wander off into the middle of nowhere. The only reason it's not higher on my list is I avoid going there, except to go to Nashville for good eats now and then.

#6- Lake- If you're in the rural part of the county in the south, it's not bad, except for winding streams. But once you get into the heavily populated areas, forget it. You better have good directions or someone who knows the area riding in the passenger seat.

#5- Koscisuko- If I was a lake rat and spent summers there as a kid, it might have helped. But I didn't- I just mowed hay, baled hay, and mowed more hay. Too many lakes to go around make navigating this county a bit tough for me. The people are friendly though!

#4- Ohio- You're not getting left out, and I'm not even combining you with another county, like everyone else wants to do. You're a hard place to get around in on your own right. What do you expect from a county that has a winding river for its southern border?

#3- Wayne- I think I even had Quentin Williamson lost once, but he won't admit it. It's a huge county with miles of roads and little bergs. The biggest problem is they still use road names rather than numbers. If you know where the sun is, know most roads run straight, and the county makes sure the roads stay posted, you can get out of about anywhere. Otherwise, you're sunk.

#2- Morgan- It's a toss-up, but my experiences last week let Morgan slide to second. One time I was lost in northern Morgan County fro 45 minutes. Another time I was lost in southern Morgan County for 30 minutes, came back out exactly where I started, and praised God that I did- I was already running late and scared I would never get out of there!

#1- Knox- In a close decision, getting lost three times last week and calling for directions twice convinced me that Knox is a nightmare once you get out of Vincennes. Locals blame it on the French. The county roads are laid out on angles on a French-survey system. Even if you're not directionally challenged, you never know which direction you're going. By the way, county road crew, it would help if roads had signposts atop road marker posts, instead of bare posts standing at the end of more roads than I could count!

Happy traveling!

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