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Dakota Farmers You Should Meet: Dawn Scheier

Dakota Farmers You Should Meet: Dawn Scheier

Dawn Scheier says her “wake-up call” to advocate for agriculture came when her daughter had to defend family farmers.

Dawn Scheier, Salem, S.D., says decided to get more involved in advocating for agriculture when her daughter’s college economics professor told the class -- “you couldn’t you couldn’t find a family farmer if you tried” -- and her daughter stood up and told them about her family farm and spent the rest of the period answering questions about farming and food production.

“It was a wake-up call for me,” Dawn told Agriculture United For South Dakota. “Our children were very involved in our farm, but never did we teach them that they might have to defend our family’s occupation.”

Dawn Scheier is a farmer, Mom and ag advocate. Photo: South Dakota Soybean

Scheier and her husband, Pat, have three children -- Rebecca, Ben and Britt -- all of whom are in their 20s.

Dawn got involved in CommonGround, an ag advocates group launched by soybean and corn organizations.

She’s been involved in events in South Dakota, including Agriculture United for South Dakota’s Mom’s Day Out tours, Ag Day at Washington Pavilion, and meetings with legislators and community leaders.

She and other CommonGround members answer questions and provide perspective on topics covered by the media through blogs. She has also traveled to participate in events with food bloggers and editors.

“I love food,” she wrote in a recent South Dakota Soybean blog. “As a farmer, a Mom and a fitness buff, I understand the importance of a safe and wholesome diet. Not only do I enjoy preparing meals and sharing them with my family, but most importantly, I love the responsibility of delivering safe, nutritious and affordable food to dinner tables around the world,” she says.

Check out Scheier Farms on Facebook, and read her South Dakota Soybean blog and a feature about the Scheier on Ag United’s website.

Sources: SD Soybean, Agriculture United For South Dakota

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