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Crop Survey Reveals Mixed Bag

Time will tell if it was a good idea to plant corn June 5

A survey of the crops over the Fourth of July weekend show a mixed bag. We have corn starting to flower and corn that didn't quite make the old 'knee-high by the Fourth of July' adage. Time will tell if it was the right thing or wrong thing planting corn until June 5. Sandy parts of the field look good, while the heavier soils are stunted from excess water.

Soybeans show the same mixed bag. Early planted beans look good while late and wet planted fields are struggling. We finished side dressing and spraying Saturday. Scouting will determine if a pesticide or fungicide application will need to be made later.

With the only rain of the week last Monday, progress has been made in local hay fields. Nonetheless, today I saw a field that has only had the first cutting taken off of half of it. I also saw a wheat field that has been opened up. I don't think enough wheat has been harvested to determine if vomitoxin will continue to plague this years' harvest.

Pop-up showers hindered progress Monday, and more are forecast overnight through Tuesday. We are working to get irrigation ready. Though we hope regular rains continue, we need to be ready in case they do not.

Soil nitrate and ammonium as well as tissue samples have been sent to the lab for evaluation of nitrogen levels. We may also need to utilize irrigation for fertigation. Our plan has been to put the last shot of nitrogen on, at or just after tasseling.

Saturated soils
The lab results should be interesting; we haven't been flooded, but we have been saturated several times in the last 6-8 weeks.

I've also spent some time getting caught up on neglected paperwork. I turned my planting maps into the FSA office to certify crops. I will have to make a trip in and sign the paperwork before the July 15deadline. I am also getting maps and herbicide records prepared for the companies we grow soybeans for.

The opinions of Kyle Stackhouse are not necessarily those of Farm Futures or the Penton Farm Progress Group.

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