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Coming Soon: A Chance To Learn The Best

Ranching icon Walt Davis to be featured on webinar next week


Find people who are the best at what they do and learn from them.

That's a motto we all should incorporate into our lives when trying to develop a skill or learn as much as we can about a new topic.

My friend, Chris Stelzer, who I've talked about in the past on this blog (here and here), is someone who is doing just that.

I first came across Stelzer on Twitter. He was tweeting from the handle @AgInsights and sharing information on a lot of grazing and sustainable agriculture topics. Naturally, being the grazing geek that I am, I had to check him out.

Chris's blog, Agricultural Insights, initially started out as a way for him to share his thoughts and experiences on grazing and sustainable agriculture, along with information he felt would be beneficial to his readers. It was a great online resource; however, when he began doing podcasts with experts in the industry is when things really took off for him.

Since then, Chris's website has transitioned into a membership website with a vault jam-packed full of podcasts with industry experts of the likes of folks like Walt Davis, Gordon Hazard, Curt Pate, Fred Provenza, Kit Pharo, and Ian Mitchell-Ines among many other well-respected individuals.

"I noticed a lack of high-quality information in books and magazines on how to be successful in agriculture," says Stelzer. "I started the membership program to fill that void. It’s completely different learning from someone when you can hear the emphasis in their voice, or see their body language."

His goal with the membership program is ultimately to provide farmers and ranchers with the tools and knowledge to become more successful.

His latest educational offering through Agricultural Insights is an exclusive, free LIVE webinar with Walt Davis, an Oklahoma beef producer famous his stands on low-input and profitable ranching. He has done public speaking all over the United States and has written a book, How to Not Go Broke Ranching.

The live webinar with Davis will take place on Wednesday, August 21, at 7pm CST. Members will be able to access the recording as long as they have a membership. Non-members will also be able to participate but only when the webinar is live.

"It’s one thing to read a book by someone, but to be able to ask them a question and get a response immediately, is special," Stelzer says of the webinar format. "The webinar will benefit anyone who tunes in because Walt has a tremendous amount of life experiences that are valuable."

Walt Davis started out ranching conventionally using lots of inputs, which lead to him losing a lot of money some years. If you have read his book (mentioned previously) you know all about Davis' struggles. Eventually, he made the transition to a more sustainable way of ranching by looking at agriculture as a biological process, instead of a chemical one.

"He has been around ranching his whole life and he has a lot of timeless advice that needs to be recorded so future generations can benefit from his experiences," says Stelzer. "I think this webinar will be a great format for Walt to share his knowledge with us."

If you would like to participate in this invaluable learning experience you can find out how to get signed up for the webinar. Learn more about Stelzer's membership program for Agricultural Insights here.

In the future, Stelzer hopes to offer more exclusive interviews and events for members only that dig deeper into issues associated with ranching.

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