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Climate Change Is Real -- Duh!

How to survive 20 inches of 'partly foggy'

Over the weekend, I finished digging out of the latest winter blast to hit the East Coast. So far, the “Bahamas of Pennsylvania” has topped all snowfall records in recorded weather history (maybe 80 years?).


We’re even ahead of Buffalo, N.Y., in accumulated snowfall. My neighbors and even our local governments developed a false sense of security with a string of warm winters, so they were ill-prepared for “the big one”. They were used to a quick melt-down. Trouble is, temperatures haven’t once popped above 32 degrees in the last three weeks. 


 A long-time Vermont friend admits Vermonters smugly smile at the snowy struggles of us southerly folks. And they should. This is the first winter in years that they’ve been able to drive on the hard roads – not snow pack.


But if two mild New England winters come back to back, even the hardy northern folks will begin believing in “global warming”, roll their winter treads out to the curb and postpone stocking up on cinders. Memory is almost as short-sighted as the weatherman’s forecast.


So unless you’re planning to move South or to where somebody else shovels the snow, don’t sell your corn shovel, snow plow or snow blower.


The bigger ‘snow job’


Man-kind’s short-sightedness has a global impact. Since the “Algorkian” followers couldn’t sell “global warming”, they changed their pitch to “climate change” – a sure thing by anybody’s measure.


Their mentality is the same as any good weather forecaster’s: Give your audience the worst-case scenario, and you’ll keep your job no matter how wrong you were. That’s also the mentality of too many of today’s politicians.


The difference is that they want to foist the huge cost of changing global climates on developed nations – that’s us – U.S. taxpayers. And just in case you haven’t noticed, we are paying for more and more “hot air” arising from Washington, D.C. – from those carrying the lightest burden of taxation. And the fog of over-regulation drifts down and over every facet of state and local government.


This “climate change” has far more immediate and dangerous consequences for our society than Mother Nature’s doings. That’s the climate change we must focus on beginning with this year’s elections!


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