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Be Careful Where You Take A Nap!

Paybacks can be tough to take, especially if they're unexpected.

Stopping to take a short nap can make the rest of the day go better. And it can be tough not to take a nap this time of year, especially if it's gloomy outside. When the sun doesn't show up until 8 a.m. and sets by 5:30 p.m., it makes for a short, dreary day, even for a rooster. He probably gets a nap in too.

The trick is to be careful about where you take a nap. Just the other day I drove my old farm truck down to a neighbor's place. It was cold but sunny outside. I pulled up by his toolshed but didn't see any sign of him. Soon the phone rang and he said he was leaving town, and would be there in about 15 minutes.

I started to get out of the truck to head into the cozy toolshed, but the truck door handle flopped around in my hands. It wouldn't open. I was too lazy to crawl across the seat to the passenger door. Besides, it's a stick shift. So I decided just to sit there and wait until he got back and opened the door for me.

I had just eaten a big lunch, and the sun was coming in and heating up the cab. I had a heavy winter coat on anyway. This neighbor is a practical joker, and sometimes gets himself into a pickle as well. I wrote about his antics in a recent column, when he wound up swinging from the end of a center pivot rig because he forgot that the rig would get lighter on the end after he shut it off and the water drained out. I thought it made a funny story. I left the name out to protect the guilty, and I'll leave it out again. He's always guilty in my book…of having too much fun!

As I sat there in the truck, I thought of a funny story this neighbor told me once. Another neighbor noted for running equipment hard and barely keeping it together was driving his combine down the road one day. The neighbor I waited on stopped in his pickup and they chatted. Their talk went on for some time. The guy on the combine said he had to go more than once, but my friend kept talking. Finally, the guy on the combine, said, "Oh, what the bleep, you won't leave so I guess you're just going to have to see me do this – I've got to get going." Then he took a piece of hack saw blade and put it in the appropriate places to get the starter firing. He hadn't bothered to replace the ignition switch and this was how he started his combine all fall.

A big smile spread across my face as I thought about that story. Then I wandered off to sleep.

Bam! Pow! My friend and his dad both slammed my door, yelling at me to wake up. They laughed as I jolted awake, saying 'I'll teach you to tell funny stories on me!'

"OK," I said. "See if the door will open from the outside – the handle just broke on the inside."

Sure enough it opened. Then my friend laughed. "All you had to do was roll the window down and push on the handle!"

Hmm…why didn't I think of that? I guess was enjoying my nap a little too much.

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