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Buy Back Memories From The Past

The memories are worth the price of the toy truck.

My eyes lit up when I saw a Coca-Cola delivery truck on an on-line auction this spring. I had been looking for one for years. Why? Because some of my best memories on the farm as a youngster before I shifted into constant work mode were of playing with a yellow Coca-Cola delivery truck in the dairy barn.

It even has the old fashioned boxes that held bottled Coke. These are made out of plastic – the originals were made out of wood. The truck itself is metal and has room for lots of Coca-Cola on each side of the bed.

I played with it most in the feed room, a tiny 8 by 8 concrete block area that held bulk feed at the end of the milking parlor. Dad fed cows as they milked in the three-stall Surge milking parlor. I still remember my mom in her red scarf pulled up over her head and her tattered winter coat checking on me. Once the feed room was about half empty, I could play in there.

I think I was milking cows by then – I started when I was six and dad was hurt for a while. But once he was better when he and mom both milked together, I could play. I would drive the Coke truck over a thin road of feed and pretend it was headed to the grocery store.

Reality was mom bought Coke or Pepsi once a month – one six pack carton of bottles, as a treat. Times were tough then. I don't even remember how I got the truck but I'm guessing a neighbor gave it to me for Christmas.

The one on the site that I eventually purchased is probably a bit older than the one I had. It looks to be a late '40s or early '50's model truck. But the design is the same. The memories it brings back are the same.

I don't even remember what I paid for it. About $90 I think. It's brought back far more than that in memories. That was a simpler time, a carefree time even though the whole family worked hard. Mom and dad would think farmers and kids today were speaking a foreign language, talking cell phones, iPads, memory sticks, RTK and the like.

Once in a while it's nice to go back in time and remember what's important in life. In this case even memories weren't free, but then most things have a price tag today. True friendship and love in family relationships – it takes work but it's still free.

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