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The BIG Push for Planting

In our area of the Corn Belt, the fields are finally fit to plant

Here we are, the first full week of May, and it is finally fit to plant in our area of Indiana.  We will push hard to get seed in the ground.  We expect to be planting corn and soybeans simultaneously.   

Much of the last week was spent tidying ups loose ends and trying to be patient.  We replaced some underground wire that had been hit by lightning.  We also installed some waterline and new electric services for some irrigation.  Repairing drain tile was also on the agenda. 

By midweek, the forecast had shifted the rain to the south, and the cold to the west.  Fields appeared to be drying out; however, an agronomist who did some soil sampling said it was saturated below 5 or 6 inches.

At the end of the week, we had the planter out to do field tests.  Saturday evening, we successfully planted the first 10 acres.  We also got some spraying done, burning down some green fields and laying down some chemicals in fields going to non-gmo soybeans.  We took Sunday off. After church, Rachael & I took the kids out for frozen yogurt to celebrate the third of four birthdays in a 22-day stretch.  Then we got on it first thing Monday morning.

As we plant, we are making one final review of cropping plans.  Last minute swapping of hybrids may occur due to the late start.  It will be a balancing act, since early harvested crop may have a nice premium come fall if grain stocks run short.  However, we really need to get the full season corn planted as it seems that is where the best yielding hybrids have been lately.

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