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Believing Spring Is Just Around The Corner Takes A Leap Of Faith This Year

Believing Spring Is Just Around The Corner Takes A Leap Of Faith This Year
The weatherman says, warmer weather, sunnier days and melting snow are on the way.

When it comes to spring, seeing is believing this year. Maybe it's because we have had 60 days of snow so far this winter and between 60 and 70 inches of snow in many parts of Wisconsin. When the weatherman says warmer days are on the way I say, I'll believe it when I see it!

I know the calendar says spring is less than two weeks away, but looking at the endless piles of snow makes it hard to truly believe spring will arrive in Wisconsin on March 20.

I will admit, today is the first time I have looked at the 10-day forecast and haven't seen any snow predicted. If that holds true, that might be a real sign spring is on the way.

Sunnier days and warmer temperatures will hopefully lead to melting snow in days ahead – a sure sign spring is on the way.

From the end of January through the first week of March, we endured 25 days of snow out of 35days. And it was sunny only a couple of days when it didn't snow.

A few days with high temperatures above freezing and some sunshine may help me become a believer, too. I'm really looking forward to melting all these mountains of snow in the days ahead. I know it gets sloppy when lots of snow melts, but we've got to get rid of all this white stuff.

The cold, snowy and dreary weather has taken a toll on most everyone's spirits I've noticed. Only the snowmobilers seem happy about the weather lately. Most people I talk to agree, they've had enough.

The one bright spot about all of the snow and rain we've received, at least in the east central part of the state, is the U.S. Drought Monitor is showing we are out of the drought. If I had to choose between another year of drought and snow, I'll take the snow.

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