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Alliances Open Doors to Interesting Ideas

Four firms announce two separate new agreements and open doors to product creativity.

In the last few weeks we've heard about a few partnerships formed in the market. Bobcat and Polaris are teaming up to take advantage of new opportunities. Agco and Topcon are joining forces for precision ag potential.


On the Bobcat and Polaris partnership - there are great opportunities here. Bobcat was spun out of Ingersoll Rand awhile back but IR kept golf car division that builds utility vehicles. For now the popular Bobcat side-by-sides stay in the line, but is the merger aimed at opening doors to new product for the future?


It's difficult to know what companies will do together when they first make an announcement. The press statement points to the diversification opportunities for Polaris beyond its core powersports segments. For Bobcat, the opportunity is to "combine the strengths of the No. 1 compact construction equipment manufacturer with those of the No. 1 off-road vehicle manufacturer to deliver innovative product solutions for our customers," according to Richard Goldsbury, president, Bobcat Americas.


For farmers it means more choices in the future from two trusted suppliers. Bobcat has created some interesting products for the compact construction market. Polaris has ramped up the utility of its popular Ranger side-by-side with attachments for light-duty work around your acreage. The merging of such ideas could create some very interesting innovations. You know, like a high-speed skid-steer loader (just kidding). But it will be interesting to watch it unfold.


Over on the precision ag side, Agco is teaming with Topcon. Makes sense that Agco can take the precision ag research investment it's already made for its brands and leverage it with the technology coming from Topcon. The receiver technology Topcon offers combined with the just-announced Tierra decision opens the doors for Agco to advance fleet management on the farm.


Over the years I've written about fleet management - and as your inventory of machinery grows adopting the fleet management ideas used in other industries can have value. The Tierra system is a communication protocol that would allow you to move information from tractor to farm and back again. The idea is gaining credence as more players in the market realize you really don't want to drag a memory card from tractor to computer and back again. Expect to hear more of that in the future.


If you have questions, thoughts, ideas about these arrangements, drop a comment below and I'll respond.


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