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Ah, So That's How They Do It

Ah, So That's How They Do It

Ever wonder what the pre-show setup looks like for the Farm Progress Show?

This time of year is always exciting for me. It might be the winding down of summer and the coming of fall which means yet another birthday to celebrate. Maybe it's volleyball season kicking in and time to dust off the gym shoes. But for the next two months, the excitement mix with a little chaos, is the preparation of the upcoming Farm Progress Show.

For almost a month now, I have paid a visit once-a-week to the show site to capture the setup of tents and buildings, landscaping and well, just about everything it takes to make the show happen.

Ever wonder what the pre-show setup looks like for the Farm Progress Show?

Within days, it seems the show site at Central Iowa Expo went from a ghost town to a small little village brewing. In about a week from now, that little village will be a full fledge city beaming with exhibitors and vendors alike just waiting to open their doors to the crowd that awaits the 2014 Farm Progress show.

Last week I was out at the show site to get a few photos and on one of the lots, a tent was going up. This tent was impressive to watch being built. The arches are 166 feet wide and around 50 feet tall at the peak. The crane operator said the boom is extended this far out, due to the rigging that supports and lifts the tent arches. He has over 100,000 pounds of counterweight at the rear of the crane. The boom on the crane is extended around 220 feet. The arches are swung over the crops in the test plot and lowered onto the steel plates that secure the arches.

It was definitely an, 'Ah, that's how they do it' moment for me. I shot a very raw video of the tent structure going up. Enjoy!

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