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A Bit of History

Tractor maker ships first machine that meets toughest emission standards.

Tractors leave the loading dock from the Case IH Racine works every day, but today something special happened. The company announced its first Case IH Magnum featuring new tech to meet the newest, toughest Tier 4A emissions requirements set down by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

There are different ways to meet the low emission standard and Case IH has chosen to use Selective Catalytic Reduction to reduce particulate matter and nitrogen oxides in emissions. The new standards, which take place Jan. 1, require a 90% cut in oxides of nitrogen and particulate emissions versus previous generation engines.

In it's press release, Case IH actually took on the competition saying it's approach is "superior" to using exhaust gas recirculation technology (combined with a particulate filter). The Racine-based tractor maker says its approach is a "game changer."

The Case IH decision to move to SCR to meet stricter emissions standards offers an early look to how the company will meet even stricter standards that will go into effect in 2014. The new Magnum 180, 190, 210 and 225 models are the first in the company's lineup of high-horsepower SCR tractors to roll out for 2011. The larger Magnum and the four-wheel drive Steiger tractors will also incorporate SCR to meet the new standards.

With an SCR-based system, diesel exhaust fluid treats engine emissions. DEF is a stable solution of synthetic urea and dionized water. In the system DEF is injected into the exhaust stream to create emissions of harmless nitrogen gas vapor and water. You can fill the DEF tank as you fuel up, the amount of DEF used in the system depends on how much load the machine is under.

Case IH has published data showing its SCR tractors are 10% better than previous Case IH models. You can learn more about this at their website.

During the next three years, as the major tractor makers push ahead with their emissions strategies, expect to hear plenty about each approach. These major market players are taking their own paths to meet emissions requirements and how that plays out in the market remains to be seen. Case IH has hit the ground running with its SCR-based machines.

And where is that new Tier 4A Case IH tractor headed? Paul Fortkamp, Fort Recovery, Ohio, is the first customer to receive the new technology. Fortkamp is a diversified operator who farms poultry, corn and soybeans. He got an early look at the machine when he traveled with his dealer - Hull Brothers - to the Racine facility to see the machine on the line.

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