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2013 Farm Progress Show Went From Hot to Sizzling

The products offered by exhibitors made it hot, the weather made it sizzle.

If you stayed away from the 2013 Farm Progress Show because it was hot, you missed a lot of great products. Exhibitors once again saved several of their latest products to introduce at the show. Others brought things they weren't even willing to talk about yet.

The most talked about item at the show was an amphibious manure lagoon pump made by the young engineer and son of the company president of Nuhn Manufacturing. He worked on it right up to the show so it hasn't been tested. The idea is that you can remotely control it and send it into the middle of the lagoon to agitate and then pump manure out of the lagoon.

Nuhn has experience in the field. Handling manure is what they do. The only trick here is that it hasn't been tested in a real situation yet – it was hot out of the shop.

Other exhibitors introduced new tractor models or combines, or had models just introduced this year. Lexion had the biggest combine they make, a Class 10 machine, on display.

The biggest addition to the show was 75 exhibitors outside the main gate. These weren't all people with small products to sell in a tent, either. Many were on three streets of regular display lots on Indiana, Illinois and Iowa avenues.

What many smart showgoers learned to do was tour the show in the morning and talk to the people whom they wanted to see for sure, then find one of 30 air-conditioned exhibits to visit during the hottest part of the day.

At 4 p.m. on Wednesday, with the thermometer at 99 degrees, I walked into the John Deere air-conditioned theater. There were at least 50 people sitting in the stands. Waiting for a show, I figured. On the way out I noticed that the last showing was an hour earlier! Instead, they were smart enough to seek refuge from the heat, I concluded.

All in all, the crowds were good, people were talking to exhibitors more than just browsing, and many sales were made. We will bring you as many of the new products as we can through our magazines over the next few issues. You'll get the high point, know if it piques your interest, and then get all the contact information. All that will be missing is the heat!

But despite that heat, the show sizzled on its own, due to the high-class exhibitors and array of products they brought so that people could get a peek into the future.

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