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10 things I won't miss about 2015

10 things I won't miss about 2015
Throwback Thursday: Every year has pluses and minuses, 2015 was no exception.

When the New Year unfolds, here's hoping it isn't exactly like 2015. That would be boring, and it would also mean reliving some painful moments.

Good things happened in 2015. Then were some things linked to Indiana agriculture that weren't so good. You may not agree with my top 10 list of things I won't miss about 2015. If you don't, come up with your own list. For me, I'm ready to ring in new hope with 2016.

What I won't miss from 2015!

10. Purdue University's football season: My wife and I attended the Minnesota game. That should be enough said. In case you don't remember, it was ugly.

Say good-bye to your own personal nightmares! Too many of you saw fields like this last spring.

9. Mosquitoes: If they kept records on number of mosquito bites per person per year, 2015 would have to rank near the top all time! Mosquitoes like water.

8. Poultry flu: What's a county fair without chickens and ducks? Putting pictures of chickens on posters isn't quite as exciting for 4-H'ers as showing the real thing at the fair. The ban on poultry at fairs and exhibitions took its toll.

7. Rabbits in my garden: The critters lived in a brush pile close to my garden. They ate off my cabbage and broccoli not once, not twice, but three times. I felt like Mr. MacGregor. I plan to prevent a repeat- I've already burned the brush pile where they lived.

6.  Indiana High School basketball tournament: Do they really play championship games anymore? Before the class system began, I could tell you who won the state title and who played in the final four for several years back. Now I can't even tell you one team that played in the 2015 state championships. Some things are best left alone. 

5. Planned detours on state and county highways: On my way to judge at county fairs or speak at events this past year, I ran into my share of detours. One made me go 30 miles out of my way, and I arrived half an hour late. They were still waiting for me. "I realized last night we forgot to tell you about the detour," one fair official chuckled.

4. Unplanned detours: The I-65 bridge closing affected agriculture and so much more. Thousands of people snaked their way from Lebanon to north of Lafayette via state roads.

3. The stoplight in Romney: Just how bad was the traffic during that month-long detour? It was so bad that they changed the flashing light in Romney in southern Tippecanoe County to a regular stoplight. What's worse, they've forgot to change it back now that I-65 is open again!

2. Water in my barn: It had been years since a big rain flooded my barn, causing me to clean out the bedding and start over. This year it happened no less than four times in one month. That should be enough to last me a lifetime.

1. Water, water everywhere: This one doesn't deserve a drum roll. And my area was more fortunate than some. We missed the first round of big rains last spring. But we got nailed by the second round. I cut ruts in my neighbor's yard trying to mow his grass during our county fair. Our county fair is in late July. Something is very wrong with that picture!

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