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10 signs you're getting old

10 signs you're getting old
Whoever said 'you're as old as you feel' must have been a young pup!

No one wants to admit their age. I get that. However, I'm beginning to understand that certain signs of old age are universal. I used to laugh at my dad or wonder about him when he did certain things. Now those things routinely happen to me.

Jerry Crownover: First to go: mind or eyesight?

Here are 10 signs you are getting to be a "seasoned" citizen.

10. You forget to put your dentures in for the day. In my case it's a partial and I would like to leave it out permanently because it's not that comfortable. I paid for it, so I use it. However, once in a while about mid-day it will dawn on me – man, my mouth feels good today. Sure enough, I left the partial dentures in the bathroom.

What's his name? I've known him for years but I don't see him very often, not often enough. Who is this guy talking about PTO safety at a recent R.I.L.E.Y. safety training day? Oh, I remember – my brain finally worked! It's Ernie Sheldon, Indiana State University professor and safety specialist. Don't worry, Ernie, I got the message of your demonstration loud and clear!

9. You understand the lyrics "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was."

8. A two-month-old lamb is faster than you.

7. Chasing after the two-month-old lamb, grabbing and missing causes you to stumble and fall.

6. You get down to pick green beans and tell yourself "OK, I'm done. Get up now." And nothing happens!

5. Someone introduces themselves to you, and five minutes later you can't remember even their first name, let alone their whole name.

4. The term "mindless robot" describes how you go about your chores some days.

3. You wonder why the sheep are bawling after feeding grain and leaving for a few minutes, and realize you forgot to give them hay. It's a sad day when you are dumber than a sheep.

2. You are so old you can actually get a meal with a drink at Arby's for less than $5!

1. And the number one sign….you waited all your life to get your hands on a $100 bill. And then the next morning after you were given it the night before, you can't remember what you did with it!

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