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Your next boardroom

Your next boardroom

I was doing some background research on a story I’m working on called next-gen cabs, specifically about some display screen interfaces that act like your iPad. For example, with future cab displays it is likely you that you’ll be able to access the internet, view and interact with multiple screens, and, using more than one finger, configure your screen or initiate commands, a technology called “multi-touch” technology. The search led me to a company called Vislogix that makes screens like the ones you’d see on CBS’s NCIS or NBC’s State of Affairs.

Or the one that is being used at Los Alamos National Laboratory (we visited the lab last fall to see where Verdesian’s TakeOff, a biological, was developed.) You can see the actual screen on the company’s website. Looking at these current uses makes you think about all the ways this new display screen technology could be used on crop farm. One application—the boardroom, where you meet with your staff to analyze yield maps or make prescription maps to tailor your fertilizer applications. Instead of hovering over a static computer screen to sketch this out, why not put use a wall-mounted 3-D interactive projection screen so everyone can see and use it to collaborate.

Or you could use it to impress the landlord when negotiate next year’s rent. The possibilities are endless. You could use the same interactive internet-enabled, multi-touch and multi-window display screen in the cab to manage your fleet or make adjustments to multiple pieces of equipment or take a 3-D look inside your planter meter. To get the full effect of what this might look like, check out this mind-blowing video on the company’s website. I especially like the part where they zoom in on the Pope’s nose made up of pixels that launch you to different websites, apps, or service accounts. In our upcoming story, we’ll ask some agricultural engineers and OEMs when and where we’ll see the same display technology on farms. In the meantime, watch John Deere’s video called “Farm Forward" here, which will really blow your mind.

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