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Winding down but not overwhelmed

Special displays, like this Claas Axion tractor mounted on the wall show the time and expense companies go to just to show off their products to potential customers. Still tough to watch people walk under it!

Agritechnica is big, to deny that would pretty much make me certifiable, but it's also well laid out so the average visitor doesn't have to go to every building to see the latest agriculture technology for their farm. You see the manure handling tools are grouped in a building or two, components can be found in three buildings, and the majors - and there are more majors in Germany than there are back home - are aligned in buildings that make it easy to see them efficiently as well.

That makes this big agriculture technology show manageable. If you don't have cattle or pigs, you probably can skip those buildings with manure equipment; if you want to focus on precision agriculture just check out Building 17 where they've grouped a lot of technology in one place. It's a fair bet you can cover what you need to in a day. However, if you have a penchant for seeing it all, and you want to come to the show in 2015 follow these tips:

Bridgestone gave visitors a tease about its entry into the ag tire market. Note the healthy green plants springing up in the tire tread.

Comfortable shoes or die:This building is laid out on the largest event facility in Germany and the Messe has 42 hectares - that's 86 acres - devoted to display space.

Start early:No chance you want to mosey into this show late in the morning - you should be on hand when gates open so you can hit the ground running.

Plan ahead:The show website has super tools for sorting through the exhibitor list by category or company name - and for this show (and frankly for any) planning ahead is a must.

Skip the jeans:And I'll admit I was in jeans for day four due to an off-site event (you'll hear more about in January) - in Europe slacks and a nice shirt and sweater make for better show attendance wear. There's even a coat check if you want to wear a coat to the event but not have it on the grounds.

Bring cash:Restaurants in Germany are hit and miss on the credit card thing - but Euros spend easy.

Those are short tips but if you make the trip to Hannover you'll be rewarded in 2015 with a look at all tech going on around the world - given than 1,500 exhibitors are global at this event. Sure, much of what you find may never see U.S. shores, but it's interesting to check out the concepts to see what's up.

And enjoy the displays. The two pictures with this blog offer you a look at the kinds of things you can see at an event like this.

I plan to blog one more day from the show. Thanks for reading along - we're winding down our coverage but we've posted four galleries (see links below) and a blog every day since Monday. Hopefully we've given you a flavor for Agritechnica. If you have a question, drop it to Or make a comment below and we'll work on getting you an answer.

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