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What’s in a number? Good fortune or bad karma?

Well, it’s here: 12-12-12, the last time such a major numerical date will occur on the Gregorian or Christian calendar for nearly a century. Not until Jan. 1, 2101, will it happen again, when the sequences will start over with 1-1-1.

Those who ascribe to the magic of numbers consider today one of the luckiest of their lifetimes. Weddings galore are scheduled. (One can only wonder, when the inevitable percentage end in divorce court, how memorable the date will be.)

For sure, children born on this day will have no problem remembering their birthday.

Hard core numerologists, however, pooh-pooh the significance of today; rather, they’re looking forward to Dec. 12, 2019, which they say is really 12-12-12  (2019 is 2 plus 0 plus 1 plus 9, which equals 12). Much stronger cosmic vibrations, say they, compared to today’s date, which is really 12-12-5 (2 plus 0 plus 1 plus 2). 

And then there are those who consider 12-12-2012 not so auspicious, because the numbers added together total 11, which they say to be a number fraught with bad karma (the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred on an 11 day, as did the Oklahoma City bombings and various other disasters).

The mind boggles.

I find it difficult to get into the spirit of 12-12-12, good or bad, for worrying about nine days hence, when the world is due to end, according to a much-hyped interpretation of one iteration of the ancient Mayan calendar.

Doomsday, we’re told, is Dec. 21, when the calendar’s latest 1,872,000-day cycle ends.

So, OK, should I go ahead and dispense Christmas gifts now?

Can I thumb my nose at the property tax bills on my desk?

Should we, in unrestrained gluttony, eat up everything in the fridge and pantry before then? Go out in a caloric blaze of glory?

Is there any point in setting the DVR for TV shows past Dec. 21? (Not that, given the atrociously inane programming, there’s much point in ever recording anything.)

So many questions, so few answers…

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