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A visit to the local Unverferth factory in NW Ohio

Corn planting went quickly in this area of Ohio. Due to the cold, long winter there were virtually no weeds growing in the fields so we just gave them a quick scratch with a Danish tine field cultivator. It seems like everyone is set up to plant faster each year thanks in large part to more drainage tile and bigger equipment. 

I live 15 miles from the Unverferth Manufacturing factory in Kalida, Ohio, and recently I have had several errands over there to pick up parts. I asked how the sales of hopper wagons have been. I assumed they would be much lower because the majority of grain hauled to the elevators is done by semis now. They said that they sold every one that they made last year and that, in fact, they sold out every single tool that they make. While I was there, several semis were loading up with their rolling harrows that are wildly popular. I rented a Case IH 330 disc to incorporate some manure and take out some ruts in the field. This is another wildly popular tool. It can be set to just scratch the surface of a field or it can be lowered up to the axles that the blades rotate on. No matter what depth it is set at it does a perfect job of leveling the field and it brings up fewer slabs of dirt than a conventional disc. 

A neighboring farmer went by with a new Tier IV Case IH Magnum tractor. It was the quietest tractor that I have heard of any size. The emissions system really muffles the sound. 

I think machinery in general is evolving faster than ever, plus I think there will be major breakthroughs in engine design. There may be things that are entirely different from what we are using now. Twenty years ago if you had told someone that you would have the world’s largest library in your home they would have thought you were crazy. Now virtually everyone does – the Internet.

Daryl Bridenbaugh

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