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Things I am doing differently this crop year

Things I am doing differently this crop year

Instead of using commercial fertilizer last fall I used a mix of compost and lime. I was assured by the person I bought it from that it was the cheapest source of nutrients that I could buy.

I told the person who does my spraying to use the cheapest form of atrazine that he can find.

Instead of using triple stack hybrids, I planted mostly double stack.

My Pioneer seed salesman put precision planter meters on my John Deere planter. It gave me the most even stand of corn that I have ever had. 

I rented a Landoll VT Disk. I was having trouble seeing my planter mark because of the rye grass that I planted last fall. The disk made it easier to see where I was going. Plus, it took out most of the ruts that I put in my fields last fall. I liked everything about it except I had some trouble lifting the wings. I called the person I rented it from and he said it’s not unusual for people with older tractors to have the problem. I ended up using my skid steer to help lift them.

I took time to watch a neighbor disk with a Horsch Joker. It is a heavy-duty disk capable of working at 10 mph. It can be used for deep primary tillage or very shallow finishing tillage or anything in between. It’s a very expensive tool but it is very popular with large acre farmers because it can get about any field in shape saving dragging a bunch of different tools to far-flung fields. 

I am farming less ground than I did some years ago. The good thing about that is that I didn’t have to do so much driving up and down the roads. The road I live on is very narrow and heavily traveled. We keep off of it at night and in the morning when people are going to work or school. 

Daryl Bridenbaugh is a Team FIN farmer located in northwest Ohio.

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