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As we sit down to dine we thank the farmers that make the meal possible Then we start thinking about those tech gifts we might want Photo evgenyb
<p>As we sit down to dine, we thank the farmers that make the meal possible. Then we start thinking about those tech gifts we might want. (Photo: <a href=";family=creative">evgenyb</a>)</p>

Thanksgiving and tech talk

We strive here at Farm Industry News to keep you up on the latest tools and technology for agriculture, and our corporate friends are doing their best to keep our website (and its related magazine) full of new tech and tools for your farm. This time of year, when we’re talking about being thankful, all consumer eyes turn toward tech purchases.

As we sit down to dine, we thank the farmers that make the meal possible. Then we start thinking about those tech gifts we might want. (Photo: evgenyb)

Of course on the farm we’re buying tech all the time. We have tractors that don’t boot up to run, we have combines that have to be updated (not with new rasp bars, but with new software!). We know what tech means. Yet in the next few weeks we’ll get our fair share of top tech buys for the holidays.

I’m not going to give you any thoughts on that today. I have a different problem – since I don’t farm by the way – I can’t really think of any tech I would like to have. Okay, I’ll admit that $150 BB-8 Star Wars robot toy I keep seeing would be kind of fun, but really?

I already have the big-screen TV (it’s a little older but it’s 1080p and plasma). I have two tablets (an iPad and a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – no I do not need a Surface Pro 4). What more could a guy ask for?

Hanging out there is that smart watch question. Earlier this year, at the initial launch of the Apple Watch, I was pretty clear it was not ready for primetime in my world. And based on what I’ve seen that’s still true. Other brands are out there, but I don’t see that they’re waterproof (some are but then they get poor reviews for features).

There are some things a smart watch could do for me, like maybe help me ‘hear’ my phone when people call – I often miss those. I would get easier notifications too. I just don’t think $499 (yes there are cheaper ones, but then they have less features) is a good price to pay for something I won’t treat nicely. Apple’s sport version of the watch is not waterproof – and I seldom remove my watch for sports. And isn’t sweat water?

You may have some tech ideas for gifts you’d like to share. If you do it anonymously below you could be sending a hint to a loved one about what you really want (just an idea). For now, I may look at other kinds of gifts – like some books (remember those)?

This week, before the mad rush of shopping begins, our family gives pause to spend time together and enjoy a great meal, and I can tell you right now everyone we know understands where that meal comes from. So thank you dear reader for your hard work in the fields, barns and greenhouses across the country. Because of the work you do I can fill up nicely on Thursday (almost guilt free) and enjoy the season. We live in a great country, bounty-filled, sometimes it’s hard to remember.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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