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New Face, Old Name

Hello, I'm Willie Vogt. As I write this blog - my first for Farm Industry News I ponder how change can affect us all. I'm taking the reins as the new editor - editorial director actually - for the magazine and am charged with bringing you more information you can put to use in your operation. I'm not going to reveal it all today, but you may have noticed a few things on the Web lately with my name on it that might clue you in - for example my look at the 9000 Series White Planter and the most recent look at the new Genesis T8 tractor.

Today, I want to introduce myself to you dear reader and let you know a little about me and my take on the tech you're using (or trying to use) these days. First, I've been covering agricultural technology since the early 1980s and have grown to love covering farm equipment best of all. Doesn't mean I'm afraid of computers, just iron is always more fun. Second, I've grown to love the way new technology and that iron have formed some kind of miracle marriage.

Trouble is, to make that iron work nowadays you have to familiarize yourself with the software, too. So I've come to know that as well. And I want to work to help share more of that kind of information in the pages of the magazine and on this site as well. It's going to be a journey where we can keep each other honest (provided you comment). And one that will allow, I hope, you to be a better buyer of the tools and tech you need to profit for the future.

I've been lucky over the years not to pigeon-hole myself as just an iron or a crop protection writer, I cover what I've come to call the hardware (iron) and software (biotech, crop protection, etc.) of agriculture. It's a stretch, but understanding how all those spinning wheels that may interlock is a challenge for anyone trying to run a modern, efficient farm.

Our aim is to help you cut through the clutter, to better understand the choices you have and inform you of new tech coming that you could use - if not now, then someday. It's a challenging task that'll take us awhile to fine-tune, but we know you're along for the ride and we appreciate that.

Consider a comment below, I'm not begging I know you're busy, but I've learned that you can make us better when you share ideas and questions. If you have something that you'd like us to take a closer look at, let us know that too including new tech or issues we're not covering enough of. We'll roll it into our plans online and in print.

Agriculture has always been strong on community. The Farm Industry News community of readers knows the value of good information. We want to expand on that and bring you more depth than ever before. I look forward to working with and for you. If you have an idea and would rather drop me an e-mail - send it to

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