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Motor Club members have reported no problems with E15

Four years after the EPA approved E15 for use in cars and light trucks model 2001 and newer, members of the Travelers Motor Club and Association Motor Club Marketing have reported no problems as a result of using E15, said Gene Hammond and Mark Muncey, co-owners of these organizations. In a press conference hosted by the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) this morning, Hammond and Muncey said that they support E-15 (15 percent ethanol and 85 percent petroleum in motor gasoline).

ACE held the press conference to share new information in response to the ongoing campaign by AAA and others that are seeking to prohibit the sale of E15. Two years ago, AAA expressed concern that consumers would be confused by the new blend. “Since then, rather than educating its consumers about the use of E15, AAA has done little more than add to the confusion by parroting phony concerns that were created by rigged and deliberately misinterpreted studies spoon fed to them and others by Big Oil,” said Ron Lamberty, senior vice president, ACE.

When AAA came out in a statement opposing E15 in 2012, Travelers Motor Club decided to review its own road service data collected from members, Muncey said. “Our members have not recorded any problems with E15. We believe E15 is a much needed product across this country.” Muncey added that his organization believes that E15 gives consumers more choice at the pump, and feels that it is important to support farmers across the country.

Hammond pointed out that Travelers Motor Club and Association Motor Club Marketing have more than 18 million members in 50 states, and that they have received no fuel-related service calls. “In our eyes, real-world experience trumps a study paid for by opponents of ethanol every time,” Hammond said. “In addition to no service calls or complaints about E-15, the fact is that winter gas line freeze problems have virtually disappeared due to the increased use of ethanol.”

The organizations are encouraging fuel retailers to offer E15 because it saves their members money, Hammond said. He cited ACE research indicating that E15 has been priced at $.30-$.40 per gallon less than straight gasoline and $.03-$.10 per gallon lower than E10.

For more information about Travelers Motor Club and Association Motor Club Marketing, visit and, and on Twitter at @TravelersMC and @amcm_online

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