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Mobile website offers tire pressure calculator for farm vehicles

tire pressure calculator mobile site for farm tires

With corn and soybean harvest around the corner, it's time to start prepping equipment. One place to start is having the tires on farm equipment inflated to a proper psi. Lucky for you, there's a new mobile website that can help with that.


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Titan Tire/Goodyear has launched a mobile-friendly website,, that allows for user inputs to calculate the optimal tire pressure for your farm vehicle. Users input tire size, load index, application and other variables and the applicationc calculates the optimal tire pressure for the vehicle. 

What's neat about mobile-friendly websites, is that they can operate like an app. You don't necessarily need to pull up the website through your smartphone's browser every time. On an iPhone (and likely on Android devices, too), you can save a mobile website to your home screen so it looks like a regular app, and is accessible where all your other apps are. 

Here's how to do it:

At the bottom of the screen while on the website in your browser, you'll see an arrow icon with a box around it; tap that icon.


That will bring up this screen, where you can "add to homescreen:"

save webpage to homescreen as app


After tapping the "add to homescreen" icon, the thumbnail will appear in the next available spot on your iPhone. Now, when you want to use it, rather than going to your web browser and typing in the address, you can just use the mobile site like a regular app. You can do this with any web page... even the CSD mobile site

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