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Farm show exhibitors work to get visitor attention

The Kverneland plow set on end offers a unique view of the machine for customers, and gets their attention too.

When you're part of an event with 42 hectares of exhibit space (84 acres) crammed into a large number of stunning buildings, what's a company to do to get visitor attention? Here at Agritechnica the list of ways to capture visitor attention arrange from bands and music to stage shows (where one learns that AGCO sells a line of underwear...don't ask).

You have to stand out, to get your story told. And sometimes it's just to be a conversation starter. In the last couple of days we've found a couple. One that I expected, and one that caught me by surprise on my second day at the show site.

First up is the special display. This I expected, where companies take their products and show them off in new ways. At Kverneland, the idea was to show their plow to get the visitor's attention about the special nature of its design, and key features. The idea is appealing, especially for a plow, because they're hard to look at horizontally.

Mounting the plow vertically allows you to see the features more easily, and is an attention grabber in the display.

There are plenty of other exhibits with raised boxes, trucks at odd angles and more to show off key features. Some companies use waterfalls - the digital waterfall at Trelleborg was quite interesting, though nearly impossible to photograph (I know my colleague Mark Moore tried).

Then you come across something else that provided an interesting look at a tractor. The folks at New Holland decked out a T5.115 tractor - a midsize workhorse - in denim. You read that right, the tractor was trimmed in denim (see image at the end of this blog). There were even pockets on the fenders. I guess the idea was to show that this is a serious working tractor ready to put on the overalls and 'git 'er done'.

It's an interesting idea and sure caught our attention, though I do wonder about getting those mud stains out of the finish.

Check back tomorrow for my next installment, you never know what I might run into at this show.

Monday's installment.

New Holland makes a working tractor statement with this denim tractor. This isn't paint, it's actual denim, as the inset shows the stitching detail.

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