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Farm apps by category

In prepping for a session I am (was) speaking at during the annual ASTA CSS Seed Expo on Dec. 12, I did a large search for apps to use in farming. From news to management to field operations to soil and fertilizer, I found more than 50 apps that farmers could use to help their operations.

But why keep them to myself, or only share them with conference attendees? Here is a list of what I found. Some may be repeats from what I’ve covered before, but there are definitely a lot of new ones in this list. Enjoy!

Also, if there are apps you use, and I don’t have them listed, please comment or email me ([email protected]) and I’ll add more to the list!


Ag News

These apps offer news in some way: financial, research, commodity, marketing or other types of ag news.

Rabo AgriFinance


MySci Pubs


Farm Futures Magazine




Kansas Farm Bureau (other state Farm Bureau apps available. Search “farm bureau” in iTunes/GooglePlay.)


USDA News Reader (99¢)




Farm Management

These farm management apps offer more than one utility in an app. They encompass many tools in one, from mapping fields to equipment logs to scouting to logging harvest loads and more. All of them listed here are free, so why not try them out.








Agro Lite


Farm at Hand





There are a lot of app options for spray operations, most of them being tank mix apps. You can select the chemicals and it’ll offer rates. Some offer nozzle types, too.


Mix Tank


Tank Mix Calculator




Spray Guide


Aerial Spray







Calculators can make any job easier. I’d definitely rather use a calculator to add, subtract and multiply (I was a journalism major…math is not my strong-suit) than do it all on paper, longhand. There are a lot of different calculators available to help your farm operation, from calculating grain yield to seeding rates and nitrogen rates to drain tile.


Crop Calculators


Dry Grain Calculator


Drainage Tile Calculator


Corn N Rate Calculator




Planting Rate Estimator


Extreme Beans


Inoculant Value Calculator


Soil + Fertilizer

The soil-based apps can be used to determine soil type, offer steps for soil testing and help calculate growing degree days. The fertilizer apps offer a way to calculate fertilizer removed by specific crops, as well as a nitrogen price calculator.




Soil Test Pro


Growing Degree Days


Fertilizer Removal by Crop


N Price calculator


Nutrient Removal


Weeds, Pests, Diseases

These apps offer help with scouting and identifying weeds and pests.


Crop Scout


Aphid Scout


Connected Farm Scout


IPM Toolkit




ID Weeds




Other ag apps

These are some other apps that I found that don’t necessarily fit right into some of the previous categories I set up. Regardless, they can still be useful tools, and are ag-specific.


CropNAtion (farmer social networking)


agSeedSelect (hybrid, variety guide)


FarmGenius (game)


FieldNET (irrigation)


Agrain Mobile (crop protection)




Field Notes


Social Media

No phone or mobile device should be without social media. While it doesn’t necessarily offer a “tool” for your farming operation, it still comes in handy. What better way to promote your business than to tell your stories. Social media apps can help with that. Create a business page on Facebook, message clients, set up an instagram account and post photos, post videos of interesting things on YouTube. The possibilities are endless. Start with one and let it grow from there.














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