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Agco showed off the Xedition upgrade for the MT700 or MT800 tractor line They39re only making 50
<p>Agco showed off the Xedition upgrade for the MT700 or MT800 tractor line. They&#39;re only making 50.</p>

Equipment, tech abounds at the Farm Progress Show

This is Day 3 of my daily blog during the 2015 Farm Progress Show…enjoy.

Anyone who has read my blogs, past or present, know that perhaps over the years I've been the victim of a potential head injury, but the truth is I enjoy attending farm shows. And being part of the Penton Agriculture editorial team - owners of the Farm Progress Show and Husker Harvest Days - I get my fix every year.

This week I'm at the Farm Progress Show where I'm enjoying a true data dump of information. In fact, what I'm learning this week is so intense, that you'll be seeing information from this even flow onto the Farm Industry News website over the next few days, and perhaps weeks, as we look further into new tools and tech from a range of companies.

In my first day at the show, I learned that Bayer CropScience is rolling out the national launch of Credenz Soybeans, that's its brand for the oilseed and farmers will be able to purchase a full-range of germplasm from Group 0 to Group 7 in this new marketing year. The company has been building up its germplasm, and range of traited soybean seed leading up to this announcement. It's a new player in this key oilseed market.

The folks at Climate Corporation will be rolling out a re-designed package of services that will now be shared under the Field View brand. You'll still have access to some basic free services, but there are now three tiers - Climate Field View Prime (the free service), Field View Plus (with a few more features) and the top end Field View Pro, which will include such features as a Nitrogen Adviser that uses sophisticated modeling to help you make crop nutrient decisions.

That's just a short sampling of some of the hotter tools we'll share more about soon, but we also like looking at iron, and today I wanted to highlight a couple of tractors - look for more machinery news soon!

First up is the Optum tractor from Case IH. There are two models in the new series, 270 and 300 hp, but the more interesting thing is the new look this machine brings to the company's stable of tractors. In the image below you can see the changes in the nose, and the cab is getting a revamp too. The company is adding LED lighting in more places with more options too.

The new Optum Series tractors from Case IH feature a new look. There are two models in the line, and they offer a range of new features.

The tractor, along with its siblings in the Puma and Maxxum lineup will also be adding some new tech- Class 3 Isobus. That tech allows tractor-implement two-way communication so a baler can tell a tractor to speed up and slow down. While initial launch links tractor to large square baler, Case IH officials say there's a lot more potential with that two-way communication for other machines as well.

Over at Agco, there was a tractor under wraps. The machine is a special package MT700 or MT800 Series tractor called Xedition. First thing you notice, of course, is the new black paint job and special graphics package. The cab's updated too with higher-end materials and a top end stereo system designed to make your workdays enjoyably tune-filled.

The package also offers enhanced lighting including over-track LED lights and up to 6 LEDs off the back of the cab that should illuminate any work you're doing. Those front lights can be optioned to include high-intensity lighting (not LED) which means the machine offers a bright night-work experience.

The Xedition version of the MT700 or MT800 series (you pick) offers a black finish, enhanced lighting and upgraded cab. As Ash Alt, product manager, Agco says, this is a

Cost for this upgrade is about $6,000, but here's the catch - Agco will make only 50 tractors in what it calls Xedition trim. So if you like the look, and you're considering the purchase of a new tractor, now's the time to contact your local Agco dealer.

Farmers will tell you that you can hardly see the whole show in one day, and that's the truth. Of course I get paid to spend the week here - sorry, it's the truth - and I'll do what I can to share more information for the rest of this week, and in the weeks to follow. Yes, there's that much here to talk about.

Oh, and the weather? It's warm. And I'll take a hot day over a wet day at a farm show anytime!

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