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Embarking on a foreign journey

This week I leave for what will very likely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’m saying “adios” to the U.S. as I embark on a journey to Uruguay and Argentina, where I’ll be bringing some unique coverage to you about the agriculture industries in each of those countries. The event is the 2013 International Federation of Agricultural Journalists Congress in Argentina, but first up is the pre-tour stop in Montevideo, Uruguay.  

70% of Uruguay’s exports are agricultural. Beef is the primary agricultural export, and farmers in Uruguay also produce wool, vegetables, dairy, poultry and hogs. So there should be plenty to learn about the production of each of these commodities, but there will also be some unique opportunities. For instance, one stop we’ll make is at Ruta del Olivo, which is a company focused on olive-growing enterprises in the country.

After a couple of days in Uruguay, we’ll travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the main program will start. Agricultural journalists from around the world will convene in Buenos Aires, where we will learn all about the country’s thriving agriculture industry.

Half of Argentina’s industrial exports are agricultural in nature. The major agricultural exports include soybeans, corn and wheat. We will visit farms where some of these items are produced, and we’ll learn about Argentinian agriculture as we travel from Buenos Aires, to a few hours away in San Pedro, and finally Rosario city. I’ll spend a day taking a grain tour and I hope to bring to you comparisons on what Argentinian grain production looks like compared to our practices in the U.S.

Farm Industry News has brought you international farm show coverage before, but I hope to bring you a different view of what agriculture is like internationally through my experiences in Uruguay and Argentina. I hope to do that through the conversations I’ll have with farmers, political leaders, local media and more. And here’s hoping that second major in Spanish from Iowa State pays off, too.

Stay tuned to hear more about my foreign adventures.

One organization that made it possible for me to attend the Congress was the American Ag Editors Association through their Professional Improvement Fund. Thanks to AAEA for providing this opportunity to bring you some very unique coverage and help spread the message about agriculture’s importance.

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