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Educating consumers at the pump


This week, Growth Energy announced that it will offer fuel retailers complimentary American Ethanol station kits to help educate consumers about the benefits of E15. In the following Q&A, Stephanie Dreyer, Growth Energy’s senior public affairs associate, discusses the objectives of this new consumer education program.


FIN: What kind of interest in the new American Ethanol Station kits has Growth Energy received from fuel retailers?


Growth Energy: We have received interest from a number of retailers who are eager to provide their customers with the same branded fuel that NASCAR has been using in their cars all season long. Week after week, NASCAR racing validates American Ethanol as a quality fuel for all Americans and through these station kits, retailers will be able to provide motorists with a high-octane, clean-burning American fuel.


Growth Energy developed these materials with feedback from retailers, industry leaders, equipment manufacturers and distributors.


FIN: Please describe the pump topper and nozzle talkers. What information do they provide?


Growth Energy: Both the pump topper and the nozzle talker include the American Ethanol brand logo and communicate the message that ethanol is a homegrown fuel produced by American farmers in America’s heartland. The nozzle talker reminds consumers that using ethanol strengthens our energy security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil.


FIN: What were the challenges in producing these materials?


Growth Energy: As with any new product, the biggest challenge will be educating consumers and retailers about the new labeling options, but we are confident that these materials effectively inform motorists about the benefits of using American Ethanol.


FIN: What does Growth Energy hope to accomplish with these new materials?

Growth Energy: As more American consumers learn the benefits of ethanol – from cleaning the air to creating jobs – more retailers are opting to market American Ethanol as the more affordable, homegrown and renewable fuel alternative to foreign oil. By providing these materials for free, we hope to assist retailers in their marketing efforts and ultimately educate more consumers about the benefits of ethanol.


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