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What does it take to get a top soybean yield One company is helping farmers answer the question with an entertainment approach in a new podcast
<p>What does it take to get a top soybean yield? One company is helping farmers answer the question with an entertainment approach in a new podcast.</p>

Creating a little mystery

I blame Serial, that very popular National Public Radio podcast that broke download and listener records earlier this year. Frankly, I haven't listened to it yet but it's driven by "This American Life" and that show has a specific style. It's that style, along with a little humor, that's driving the Great Yield Mystery, a new approach to sharing crop production ideas from the folks at Mosaic.

This is interesting because I don't recall this approach being taken in the past. I do remember a series of hilarious videos John Deere produced a few years ago where a John Deere fan-atic was frantically seeking the first new model of the upcoming 8RT tractor. Of course throughout the videos the machine would be in the background or drive by when he wasn't looking. It created some great buzz and was a lot of fun. (At the end of this blog I've shared one example from that series - called Tractor Chasers)

A podcast aims to impart some key management advice as a fictional farmer tries to figure out why his soybean yield was so low after a record corn harvest.

In this case, Mosaic is looking at The Great Yield Mystery where the farmer Gerald Fitzgerald sees his soybean yield drop mysteriously following a huge corn crop ("the highest they can remember in the county"). The story is being told in a series of podcasts that you can listen to on the website, or you can subscribe and listen with your favorite mobile device. The "detective" for this mystery is Darrell Fitzgerald, Gerald's brother. It's all very well designed.

Now I don’t want to try to solve the mystery, but I will tell you the first installment is funny, closely mimics Ira Glass's "This American Life" format and keeps you interested. The podcast, which went live on Oct. 1, sets the stage and even deals with the rules for "funeral" casserole, yes "funeral casserole. However, even with that bit of farm cultural humor I'm thinking there's a clue in a related story told about a sweet potato pie recipe shared with a church cookbook, but it failed because an ingredient was left out…hint, hint. And as another hint, the answer to the mystery may have something to do with crop nutrients…it is Mosaic after all.

You have some long days in the combine coming up, if you subscribe you could add this podcast for your listening pleasure. It's a unique way to reach out to a market and might be worth your time, knowing of course it's a sponsored piece of entertainment. But they did make it funny.

Here's that John Deere video sample I promised:

Video Source: John Deere

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