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Be thankful for agriculture #Thankful4Ag

Be thankful for agriculture #Thankful4Ag

It's the time of year when we all talk about being thankful. And while we should probably all recognize the things we're thankful for a little more often, at least we're talking about them now. Atop my personal list: a beautiful daughter, an amazing family and one heck of a great life. And part of why my life is so great: agriculture. 

Though I'm not an active farmer, I've been attached to the farming community in one way or another for most of my life. For the past six years, it's been through CSD. I have a great job and get to interact with some of the best farmers! I love talking about apps and other digital tools. 

So one other thing I'm thankful for this year is agriculture, and I'm going to let the world know via Twitter, Facebook and just in general by using the hashtag #Thankful4Ag. I didn't come up with the tag; that is a current project with Bayer Crop Science. The company is donating 20,000 meals to World Food Program USA to help feed hungry Americans by encouraging farmers and everyone to share ag facts with their friends and families. For every fact shared on Twitter, the company will donate $1, which provides 4 meals for hungry American families. All you have to do is go to their Thankful4Ag website, choose a fact to share (they've already created them and have social sharing icons ready for you to click on), then use the hashtag #Thankful4Ag and @Bayer4CropsUS.

It's that simple. I had a hard time choosing one, so I may have to go back and do it again. And why not? You not only share great agriculture facts with people you know, you help families in need.

I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving this week and get a chance to spend some time with family and friends. Let everyone know what you're thankful for, not just this week, but all the time! 

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