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Irrigation equipment takes center stage at Husker Harvest Days but you39ll find new equipment from all the majors at the show
<p>Irrigation equipment takes center stage at Husker Harvest Days, but you&#39;ll find new equipment from all the majors at the show.</p>

Another week, another show

There are people reading this who either think I'm certifiable (and they may be right but not for this reason) or that I get paid for this. The second is true. I'm heading to another farm show and this week it's Husker Harvest Days.

This show situated just west of Grand Island, Neb., has a long history of offering farmers in the Western Corn Belt a look at the latest and greatest equipment. And perhaps its biggest distinction is that it's also irrigation focused. Sure the irrigation companies exhibit at the other big fall farm shows, but it's a HHD that they go all out and show their latest stuff.

I'll gather up what I can and share that in a gallery on Thursday. I find the show to be a great place to catch up on everything. It has all the tools, equipment and more that you'll find at the other big fall shows, but with a little less intensity. That's a good thing. And the show has its own flair and field demos from baling to corn harvesting (and yes the corn is ready to harvest).

You never know what kind of new irrigation tech you'll find at Husker Harvest Days, but if it's something new for irrigation, it's at this show.

So this week I'll be blogging from near Grand Island, Neb., and sharing what I see and learn from this fascinating show. From its irrigation focus to its bigger look at livestock tools, HHD is the place to be this week.

And we're hoping the weather holds for us too, always the fingers-crossed issue that has outdoor-show organizers on edge. Last year the show had a rain hiccup that canceled Day 2. My only thought then was, that if we're so wet why does this state need all that irrigation? In fact, wet is only a sometime thing for Nebraska weather and irrigation is vital.

The irrigation industry is also beefing up its conservation game considering that concerns over water use are forcing all kinds of changes for the industry. Low pressure irrigation - once thought a novelty - is standard practice, and other interesting techniques are also being put to work. We'll track them down for you this week. Stay tuned.

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