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ABC show recreates farmer’s grain bin entrapment

ABC show recreates farmer’s grain bin entrapment

I watched the ABC television show, “In an Instant,” on Saturday night, April 4. It was a reenactment of Arick Baker’s grain bin entrapment. He is from New Providence, Iowa, and the accident happened in June 2013. He was totally buried under several feet of corn for approximately 3 hours. He was using a PVC pipe to try to break up some crusty corn inside a large bin when he was sucked down completely to the discharge hole of the bin. He, his mom and his father, and rescue workers reenacted the day so accurately that it was almost like the actual day of the accident.

Interspersed with the terror of the reenactment were interludes of a few minutes where the people involved explained exactly how they felt that day. I can’t imagine anyone in agriculture being able to watch the show without becoming emotionally involved. This program was one of the most incredible that I have ever watched. Arick’s mom had no trouble replicating the terror she felt that day while waiting for the rescue workers to find her son. She drove her car to the bin site at 125 mph. When she tried to call her daughter, she couldn’t even complete a sentence. The show was especially emotional for me because I flipped a tractor and was pinned under it back in 2012. There were a bunch of rescue people working together to figure out how to get the tractor off of me. 

Read Daryl's account of the accident here.

I spent a good amount of time calling nearby grain elevators and telling them to have their employees watch the clips of the show that are on the Internet. I also called my extension agent and told him about the show. Hopefully, the show will be rebroadcast. I’ll watch carefully for it and let my extension agent know about it so that the information can be passed to other extension agents across the country. It is something that every farmer with a grain bin should see. 

The Trend Airshield Pro helmet shown in the episode can be found here.  The cost ranges from just under $300 up to about $600 depending on add-ons.

The episode is available on Hulu. Below is a summary of the episode that appeared on ABC:

ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos

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