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LibertyLink trait in 100 brands

SOYBEAN GROWERS have another option for handling weed-resistance problems in their 2010 soybean crop. The LibertyLink-resistant trait is now widely available in soybeans and can be treated with Bayer CropSciences' Ignite herbicide, a replacement for Liberty.

Growers like Steve McCoy, Decatur, IL, planted LibertyLink soybeans this past summer and report they liked the weed control. McCoy planted 550 acres of the beans and sprayed them with Ignite. He expects yields to be good and anticipates buying only LibertyLink soybeans again next year. Why? Although he didn't have weed-resistance problems, he believes the problem may arrive, but by switching from glyphosate-tolerant soybeans now, he will prevent the problem. He does plan to continue using some glyphosate-tolerant corn hybrids.

The LibertyLink trait is available in more than 100 different brands of soybeans. Bayer reports that its field research shows no yield drag or lag from the LibertyLink varieties.

Ignite herbicide may be sprayed for postemergent control of broadleaf weeds and grasses, including weeds resistant to glyphosate and ALS. The company recommends spraying Ignite at 22 oz./acre when weeds are 3 to 4 in. tall, or at 22 days after emergence in the Midwest. A second dose at the same rate may be applied later. To handle a heavy weed outbreak, a single application of Ignite at a rate up to 36 oz./acre may be sprayed.

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