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Beltwide Cotton Genetics to offer stacked varieties for 2006 season

Beltwide Cotton Genetics, LLC, will offer multiple stacked Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex varieties in 2006. They are growing at 77 locations from Texas to the Carolinas so growers can see them perform locally. The varieties range from early- to full-season maturities and are currently in seed production.

“We're excited about finally being able to offer stacked-gene cottons in 2006” said Rick Rice, director of marketing and sales for Beltwide. “Our varieties were bred from advanced germplasm by our breeder, Tom Kilgore.

“We believe Roundup Ready Flex technology will allow farmers to grow cleaner cotton, faster, on more acres than has ever been possible before. With Flex technology, farmers can park their hooded sprayers and cultivators in favor of over-the-top applications of Roundup all the way through layby.”

Bollgard II is the second-generation of insect-protected cotton developed by Monsanto. The technology contains two different insect-control genes, offering broader spectrum insect control with less potential for insect resistance compared to its predecessor Bollgard.

Roundup Ready Flex technology, the second-generation of herbicide-tolerant cotton from Monsanto, is labeled for higher rates and later over-the-top sprays of Roundup than the original Roundup Ready cotton technology.

In 2006 Beltwide will offer the same seed technology as the other major cotton seed companies.

“Additionally, we concentrate solely on U.S. cotton producers. We don't sell our seed to foreign countries — we don't believe in training our competitors,” said Rice. Our family-owned business doesn't answer to corporate boards; we answer only to U.S. cotton growers.”

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