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Bayer: CSI Safener 500FS for sorghum

Bayer CropScience has added CSI Safener 500FS to complement its lineup of sorghum seed treatments.

CSI Safener 500FS adds another line of protection for sorghum growers, shielding treated grain and forage sorghum seed from the phytotoxic effects of metolachlor or S-metolachlor herbicides.

As a new herbicide seed-applied safener, CSI Safener 500FS demonstrates excellent seed safety for up to 18 months following treatment, according to Jennifer Riggs, Bayer CropScience product development manager.

“Research shows that in addition to providing outstanding seed protection, CSI Safener 500FS has excellent seed stability,” said Riggs. “The product is detectable on the seed for more than 18 months, assuring that protected seed can be carried over from one season to the next.”

Additionally, CSI Safener 500FS complements other Bayer CropScience sorghum seed treatment products, such as Poncho seed-applied insecticide and Vortex fungicide.

Field studies with CSI Safener 500FS over the last three years show excellent herbicide safening properties; when the product is utilized with Vortex, Allegiance fungicide and Poncho, enhanced plant stands, plant vigor and yields are obtained.

“Growers like the fact CSI Safener 500FS is easy to use,” Riggs said. “Sorghum seed treated with this new safener has improved plantability, resulting in less buildup on the planter plates and more accurate seed placement in the ground.

“Studies done in the Bayer Seed Treatment Application Center show sorghum treated with the new safener in combination with Vortex, Allegiance and Poncho plant similarly to planting untreated seed.”

“We’re excited to bring CSI Safener 500FS to market to add to our expanding seed treatment product line,” said Kerry Grossweiler, Bayer CropScience marketing product manager – seed treatments. “This addition shows the continued commitment Bayer CropScience shares with growers in finding reliable seed treatments for sorghum.”

For additional information on CSI Safener 500FS, sorghum growers can contact their local Bayer CropScience representative or call (866) 992-2937. For additional product information visit

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