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BASF introduces two new fungicides

Registrations in a number of states, including California, are expected over the next several months, hopefully in time for 2004 in California.

The products are the third and fourth BASF fungicides to be registered by the EPA in the past nine months, said Jan Buberl, fungicide marketing manager with BASF.

“The need for disease control products, and especially products with new modes of action, continues to grow in many crop markets,” Buberl said.

Endura is registered for use on a variety of crops, including potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, peanuts, beans, canola and peppers. Endura features the new active ingredient Boscalid, which offers growers for these crops a new mode of action with superior disease control, Buberl said.

“I don’t think it’s possible to overstate the importance of an all-new mode of action for growers,” Buberl said. “A new mode of action not only gives growers in these markets a tool they haven’t had before, but extends the life of the tools they currently have.”

Following is a crop-by-crop look at the features and performance benefits of Endura:

Potatoes: Endura is considered the new benchmark for early blight with superior and longer lasting Sclerotinia control, Buberl said.

Lettuce: Endura offers outstanding Sclerotinia control and activity on Rhizoctonia bottom rot.

Tomatoes: Endura opens a new era of early blight control.

Vegetables: Endura offers excellent broad-spectrum activity on Botrytis, Sclerotinia and Alternaria.

Pristine is a combination of the active ingredients F500 and Boscalid. F500 is the active ingredient in Headline and Cabrio fungicides, which were registered by the EPA in late 2002 and introduced in 2003. Here’s a look at the specific crop benefits offered by Pristine:

Grapes: Pristine provides long lasting control of powdery mildew. It also offers activity on Botrytis as well as Phomopsis, downy mildew and black rot.

Stone Fruit: Pristine is an all-season total fungicide tool, controlling everything from blossom blight, to shot hole to scab and even brown rot on the tree and after harvest.

Almonds: Pristine controls a wide range of diseases, including Monilinia, anthracnose, shot hole and scab.

EPA’s registrations of Endura and Pristine fungicides continues BASF track record in launching fungicides.

“Endura and Pristine are the fourth and fifth all-new fungicides BASF has registered in the diversified crop markets since 1999,” said Jerry Minore, fungicide marketing manager with BASF.

Key in that strategy is the new active ingredient Boscalid.

“We see Boscalid as the backbone of the future BASF fruit, grape and vegetable fungicide offerings,” Minore said. “We are expecting to introduce up to four related fungicides in coming years.”

The promised new fungicides will join a portfolio of BASF fungicides, including: Headline, registered in late 2002 on potatoes, sugar beets, peanuts, citrus, cereals and other crops; Cabrio, registered in late 2002 on cherries, strawberries, tomatoes, cucurbits and other crops; Acrobat 50WP, whose label was expanded in 2002 from potatoes and tomatoes to include cucurbits, onions and other bulb vegetables, lettuce and hops, and Sovran, registered in 1999 on grapes, pecans, apples and other pome fruits.

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