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Automatic parts cleaner

A new automatic parts washer will help you clean engines and parts for your repair jobs and restoration projects. The Hotsy Corpora-tion added parts washers to its well-known line of cleaning equipment, which includes high-pressure sprayers.

The Hotsy SST automatic parts washer is a super-sized top loader that will save you cleaning time. Using hot water and biodegradable detergent, the washer safely cleans parts and engines from lawn mowers to antique tractors. Because it uses water and detergent, it eliminates the need for a solvent tank and hazardous solvent disposal.

The parts washer features a heater (to 150F) and wash cycle timer. After you set the temperature and timer, you just flip the switch and walk away. The parts are automatically cleaned. An 18-in. rotating basket in the washer turns while nozzles spray the parts clean. The basket will hold up to 200 lbs. A filter bag keeps the cleaning solution free of dirt and debris. This nearly eliminates the need to clean the machine. Sump capacity of the washer is 25 gal. The washer weighs 225 lbs.

For hand-detailed cleaning of large parts, the washer includes a polypropylene fountain brush connected to a compact air diaphragm pump. The washer also features a power brush to remove stubborn gasket material and baked-on carbon deposits. The Hotsy SST automatic parts washer retails for about $3,365.

For larger engines and machine parts, the company makes two other types of parts cleaners. A front-loader style is available in 22 different models. The model sizes range from load capacities of 500 to 2,500 lbs. and internal load heights of 30 to 66 in.

The front-loader features a roll-away door that saves space and allows easy loading and unloading. A spray bar in the cleaner adjusts for vertical or horizontal cleaning positions. An integrated oil skimmer continuously removes oil from the cleaning solution in the water reservoir.

A pass-through parts cleaner model meets the needs of a shop needing continuous cleaning. The parts are laid on a conveyor and passed through the cleaner. This model includes a built-in oil skimmer, thermostatically controlled heater and a custom calibration of water pressure, water flow, detergent dilution and conveyor speed.

Hotsy also offers a complete line of specially formulated, biodegradeable detergents to use with the cleaners. Contact Hotsy Corp., Dept. FIN, 21 Inverness Way E., Englewood, CO 80112-5796, 303/792-5200.

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